Only persons specified in the contract and delivery form may use the vehicle you rented.

Third parties not specified in the contract , in case of damage that may occur if they use the vehicle, no damage assurance is valid.

Our vehicles can be hired on a daily basis for at least 24 hours and on a monthly basis for 30 days.

The vehicle must be delivered with the delivered fuel level

The lessor is responsible for all traffic fines he / she has received during the period of his / her rent.

The car rental fee, additional product and service charges as well as the guarantee amount are collected from a single credit card belonging to the tenant's person at the beginning of the lease.

During the contract, the person who hires the rent must have a credit card.

During the contract, the lessor must show passport and identity

Tenants have 21 years of age in the economy segment and have at least 1 year of driving license,

Tenants have 23 years of age in the middle-segment and have at least 3 years of driving license,

For vehicles with an upper segment, they must have a 25 year-old license and at least a 3 year license.

Must indicate the license number

Tenant will make payments by cash or credit card at the beginning of the rental period

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