Rental Agreement

a)The leessee undertakes that the vehicle will not be used:
1)To transport Goods in violationof Customs regulations or any other illegal purposes
2)To push or tow any vehicle or any other rolling or non-rolling objects
3)In motor sports(ralli,racing ...)
4)To exceed the limits established by the number or passengers and/or load capacity to be carried in the vehicle
5)For paid carriage of passengers or good whatever the method of payment of the written or oral contract
b)The lesse undertakes to keep said vehicle safe, closed and locked when not in use. In theevent of theft of the vehicle, if the vehicle found with in 45 days. the leesee is responsible to pay for the rental charges on the due-tariff basis up to the date the vehicle is found.
c)The leesee undertakes to pay, in the event of loss of car-papers and/or plates, the rental charges and the reissuing expenses to these items until he bring them back,
d)In case of confiscation of the car by authorities, due to the fault of the Leesee or not, Leesee undertakes to pay all the rescue expenses to these as well the rental charges up-to-date of rescue
e)The patrol is for the customer's account
f)Leesee during or before the rental period or after delivering back the vehicle, discharges the lessor from the responsibility of loss or damage of any good left in or carried by the vehicle.
g)Lessor preserves the night, not to extend or to cancel the rental contrat, not being subject to any indemnities or any reason
h)Ant supplementary or charge clauses in terms and conditions, are not valid unless agrees and inscribed by both sides
i)Vehicles can not leaves the Turkish borders without official permission documents of the Lessor
j)Any disputes arissing here under shall be referred to Fethiye Law Courts and Execution courts to be resolved under Turkish Laws
k)The Leesee shall in no event assing sell, hypothecate or pledge this contract, the vehicle its equipmant or tools ot tread the same in any way detrimental to the Lessor, Any infaction of any of these undertakings empowers the Lessor to demand return of the vehicle for with, without being required to furnish justification or make any payment whatever
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